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Brands Hatch FIA Masters test day

On Thursday 22nd March I attended the first official Masters test day of 2018. The car stunned many when it was revealed in the morning - myself included! The pastel green and black accents of the car really stand out and it's great to see my sponsors, Moto-Lita and Aviation Leathercraft emblazoned along the sides. I was lucky enough to work with photographer, Ian Skelton, who took some fantastic shots, which you can see below.

Moto-Lita will also be helping me to steer our way to victory this season as they have kindly provided a custom racing wheel for the car. The craftsmanship is absolutely outstanding and I can't wait to get out to Imola to give it a real run. Having used Moto-Lita steering wheels since I was a kid helping my dad with his cars in Aus, I can't recommend them highly enough - they're classic, well designed and truly artisanal. In addition to this, Aviation Leathercraft have spoilt me by kitting me out with a tailored, personalised leather jacket. The jacket is from their Red Arrows Team Jacket collection and is worn by the British Red Arrows pilots. It's made of super thick, high-quality leather so I'll definitely be appreciating its warmth over here in the UK!

The car itself performs as well as it looks and I cant wait to start racing it.

See you at Imola!


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