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Moto-Lita & Liam Sullivan

The world famous British steering wheel manufacture Moto-Lita founded by Simon Green in the late 1950's and Liam Sullivan have joined forces for 2018. "I am honored to be affiliated with such a prestigious company. Moto-Lita have supplied hand made steering wheels to many drivers over the years, including Stirling Moss and many famous car manufactures, such as: Aston Martin, AC Cars, Shelby Mustang, Saab, Austin Healey, Caterham, Chevron, Cooper Car Co., Excalibur, Jaguar, Jensen, Lister, Lola, MG Car Co., Opel, Panther, Rolls Royce, Rover, TVR and Vauxhall - I am honored to be added to this list!" Liam will be using & developing wheels with Moto-Lita this season as they travel around Europe competing in the FIA Masters Championship. Sullivan will be driving a MINI Cooper S in the Pre-66 Touring Cars Championship. Moto-Lita will be celebrating 60 years this year, its safe to say it will be an exciting year! Be sure to to be winning with a Moto-Lita wheel this season! CLICK HERE.

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