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Liam Sullivan receives Carrera Cup GB offers

Two years ago, Sydney-born school teacher Liam Sullivan, 25, sold everything he owned and purchased a one way ticket to the UK to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a professional motor racing driver. Following in his idol, Mark Webber’s, footsteps, his ultimate goal is to represent Australia in the World Endurance Championship.

Since his move in 2014, Sullivan has competed in the UK’s largest one make MINI racing championship, winning 10/12 races in 2015 and also won the prestigious FIA Spa six hour support race. Following this success, Liam has done all that he can to be in the driver’s seat, competing in some single seater categories in 2016 and even coming back to Australia to race and test when visiting family. On Wednesday the 2nd of November, Liam was invited by Porsche Motorsport to test a Porsche 911 991 GT3 Carrera cup car at Silverstone. Staggered by Sullivan’s C.V., Porsche contacted Liam offering him this opportunity in preparation for the 2017 Porsche Carrera Cup GB championship - the worlds largest, most competitive one-make racing series. Impressed by his performance, Liam has received offers to compete with two top British championship-winning teams; however, he requires help to capitalise on these opportunities. In order not to let this talent go to waste, Sullivan is in need of partnership with any Aussie, English, European businesses or motorsport fanatics who would like to see their country done proud on the world stage whilst making an international name for themselves and a young talent in front of the world’s media.

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